what should be in a diaper bag

What Should Be in a Diaper Bag?

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What should your diaper bag contain?

New parents can find themselves in several unfamiliar territories when taking care of their babies.

From keeping track of wet diapers and learning to swaddle properly to knowing which supplies go in the diaper bag, there’s a bunch of information for new parents to absorb.

Sometimes, it just feels like half the house has to be packed before you can go out with your babies, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you’re thinking about what should be in a diaper bag, we’ve got just the right list for you.

What Should Be in a Diaper Bag?

There are a lot of things you are yet to learn as a new parent.

For now, you would want to focus on what you need to pack in your diaper bag so that you can take your baby out with you.

Essentials for Changing Nappies

1. Diapers

These have got to be the most obvious items to place in your diaper bag, but the question is: how many diapers do you need, exactly?

What you’ll want to do is pack enough diapers for two days’ worth of outings.

Depending on your child’s age, you may need to change their diapers every two hours on average, so packing at least 10 should be good.

If you expect to be out longer than usual, then, naturally, you’ll need to bring more diapers with you.

2. Changing Pad

In most cases, your diaper bag is going to come with its own changing pad, so if you want to use that one, then that’s perfectly okay.

However, if you want something that’s more convenient and can easily be taken out of the bag for changes, then you need to get yourself a quality diaper changing pad.

There are options on the market that fold really nice and slim to help you save space for the more important stuff.

A really good changing pad should also have several pockets to insert wipes, diapers, and other necessities.

If you want, you can also choose one that contains an external pocket for personal belongings in case you don’t really need to bring the entire bag with you.

3. Wipes

One pack of wet wipes can save you from a whole lot of mess.

A small pack should fit easily into one of the internal pockets of your diaper bag.

In this way, you can grab it, along with the other supplies your baby needs for changes, without any trouble.

If you anticipate being out longer, then a larger pack will be necessary.

After all, you’re not just going to be using these wipes to clean your baby’s backside.

4. Disposal Bags

Diaper changes are not a pretty sight; they’re messy, smelly, and, when you’re not ready for them, a completely stressful situation to deal with.

Whenever you change your baby’s diapers, make sure to never skip out on the cleaning.

You’ll want to dispose of those used diapers the right way at all times.

Diaper disposal bags can come in handy when changing diapers outdoors.

With these bags, you won’t really need to trouble yourself with finding a proper trash bin to throw in your baby’s waste.

You can simply place those soiled diapers or clothing in the disposal bag and head home without subjecting yourself to the stench of foul odors.

5. An Extra Outfit

You never quite know what a day out with your baby has in store.

From spits and spills to major blowouts that can really make a mess of everything, there are plenty of instances when you’re little one’s going to need a change of clothes.

When packing an extra outfit, you want to choose something that’s easy to slip on, like a onesie or a bodysuit.

Don’t keep it in the bag for too long, though.

You’ll want to do a rotation of outfits to fit the changing seasons and your baby’s growth.

For Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

1. Breastfeeding Supplies

Normally, when breastfeeding your baby, you won’t actually need any extra supplies.

Other than breast pads, you’re pretty much good to go.

There are some days, however, when your milk supply may need a little bit of a boost.

In situations like these, you’ll want to pack some extra snacks, such as lactation bars and cookies, to bump up the quantity and improve the quality of your breastmilk.

2. Formula Supplies

It isn’t practical to carry an entire can of formula when you’re taking your baby out for a few hours.

We understand that new mothers who are formula feeding their babies just want to be sure and don’t want to take any chances, but there really is no need to go that far unless you and your child will be staying in another person’s house for at least a week.

What you’ll want to do instead is pre-fill the three compartments of your formula dispenser and bring along at least two empty bottles and enough water for a couple of feedings.

what should be in a diaper bag

Snacks and Feeding Supplies

1. Mealtime

Mealtime varies depending on the kind of food you usually prepare and the age of your child.

You’ll want to pack some handy and quality utensils in your diaper bag to make feeding on the go easier.

There is an assortment of baby containers that allow you to store homemade baby food that’s been pureed and a variety of collapsible and foldable bowls that can easily fit into your bag without taking up too much real estate.

Bringing along your own baby food can be a little tricky since these baby meals need to be stored at a lower temperature.

In case you make your baby’s own food, then it would be ideal to pack it in a small cooler, as well.

The cooler might not fit into your diaper bag, but you can always leave it in the car or right next to you on the playground, ready for when your child needs to eat.

Whatever the case, it’s important to keep all your baby’s feeding necessities packed together.

In that way, you won’t take too long digging through the diaper bag with a hungry child waiting.

Parents are bound to have their pick of baby feeding products, so make sure to pack yours!

2. Drinks

Water is a must to pack as soon as your baby turns six months old.

Pack a quality sippy cup with water before you head out for a mini outdoor adventure with your little one.

We always emphasize choosing a quality product that doesn’t leak, so that it doesn’t get the rest of the items in the bag wet.

Sippie cups filled with water or other beverages should be packed into your diaper bag’s external pockets for easy access.

While you’re at it, pack some water for yourself, too!

3. Snack Time

Kids are constantly hungry.

You can’t really get out of preparing a bunch of snacks for your little ones, especially if they’re going to be spending time outdoors.

All of that running and tumbling around is going to make your child famished and wanting to reenergize with some delicious snacks.

Pack some healthy snacks packaged in a way that keeps the food from spilling out into the bag and allows tiny hands to reach in.

There are some awesome products on the market that teach your kids how to self-snack.

What’s great about most of these items is that they implement safe eating methods for little children.

Other Items

1. For Your Little One

At this point, there isn’t really a lot left to pack aside from your child’s favorite things.

Your little one’s going to want to play with some of his or her favorite toys, so bring two of her favorites that can still fit into the bag.

While you’re at it, pack a teether, swaddle blanket, a few pacifiers (if you use these items), wipes for pacifiers, and other products you know your baby is going to need for a day out.

Be mindful of the season and the weather.

If you’re going out during the day when the sun is out, pack a bottle of sunscreen that’s safe to use on babies (but not before applying a layer on your baby first).

If you’re taking your kids to the park, the playground, or anywhere where there’s vegetation, you’ll want to keep a bug spray in handy.

2. For You

What personal items should you bring?

House keys, car keys, cash (don’t bring too much), and mobile phones are some items that are usually kept in a separate bag, but there should be enough space, not to mention the right compartments, for them in a high-quality diaper bag.

After all, a day out with an excited child already gives you plenty of things to keep watch over without adding another bag to the list.

Final Thoughts

Apart from a few diapers, a small pack of wipes, a couple of milk bottles, and some baby formula, new parents usually draw a blank when it comes to what should be in a diaper bag.

It’s a good thing, however, that in this day and age, you get guides like this that show you a complete list of essentials that every parent needs to pack for a day out with their kids.

Remember that you own a high-quality and spacious diaper bag, so use it to its full advantage.

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