how to clean skip hop diaper bag

How to Clean Skip Hop Diaper Bag

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Skip hop diaper bags aren’t any different from most of the items used by the baby; they get messy, dirty, and stained on a daily basis.

Add to the fact that these bags are usually brought outdoors, and you can expect them to need some really rigorous cleaning.

Don’t worry, though, because we’re going to be discussing how to clean skip hop diaper bag most efficiently.

With the best cleaning methods in your arsenal, no stain, stuck-on dirt, or any kind of baby mess is going to ruin your bag’s aesthetic and functionality.

The Best Cleaning Process

It’s almost a certainty that your skip hop bag’s going to get dirty when you’re out with your baby.

As your babies get older, they get messier both on the outside as well as on the inside of their clothing (just check their diapers!).

Toddlers are more mobile and will want to touch things like dirt, food, and other stuff while also touching the diaper bag, so there really is no way to get around this mess.

Your diaper bag is going to have all sorts of stains on it, from light stains that are easy to remove to hard stains that can take all of your strength to get rid of.

Cleaning your skip hop bag after every outdoor adventure with your little one helps keep it clean and looking good as new.

A good cleaning process not only removes superficial stains but also gets rid of germs, mold, and other microorganisms that have penetrated deeper into the bag’s surface.

While getting your skip hop bag cleaned professionally is always an option, it can also be time-consuming and a bit expensive.

Purchasing another one won’t be the best decision either because these bags come with quite the price tag.

To find out what cleaning method is best for your bag, you need not look any further than the Internet.

A bit of research is all it takes to find out what eliminates those stains and bacteria from your bag without causing any damage.

How to Clean Skip Hop Diaper Bag

One of the best ways to clean your skip hop bag is via machine-wash, but take note that this doesn't work on all materials.

When the material of the bag is made of canvas, it's usually strong enough to withstand the tumble and whirling inside the machine without any problems.

For fabrics like corduroy, you must only hand wash when necessary and limit yourself to a little spot cleaning.

Washing machines can cause wear and tear in more delicate materials like corduroy.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Spot Clean It

The first thing you need to do is spot clean your skip hop diaper bag.

Doing this every other day reduces the chances of getting permanent stains on your bag.

Take note that machine washing should only be done if the canvas material needs additional cleaning.

Step 2: Open Zippers and Pockets

The next step is pretty simple, as well.

Unzip all the zippers and open all the pockets of the diaper bag.

If your bag doesn’t happen to have these parts, then you can go straight to the third step.

Step 3: Pre-Clean

Turn the skip hop bag inside out and then proceed to turn it upside down to remove all the leftover food, crumbs, and other bits that may have gotten stuck inside the bag.

This step also lets you see if you’ve actually left any items of importance inside your bag.

Step 4: Remove Stiffeners

If your bag happens to have shoulder straps, make sure to remove them.

Some bags also have a removable stiffener, so if yours has it, make sure to take it off, as well.

By removing the stiffener, you will be able to clean it by hand.

Take note that since stiffeners are usually made out of cardboard, they shouldn’t be washed.

The water can really do a number on this part of the bag, so be very careful not to wash it with water.

how to clean skip hop diaper bag

Step 5: Machine-Wash

Before tossing the bag into the washing machine, make sure to spray spot remover on any spots you see.

Then, pour the kind of disinfectant and detergent that won’t damage your bag.

You should then set the machine to a regular cycle on cold or warm.

Step 6: Air Dry

Once clean, the bag can be hung to dry.

If air drying isn’t an option because of the humidity, you can use low heat or cold heat to dry the bag.

You’ll want to make sure the bag is completely dry before storing or using it as even a little bit of moisture can cause mold and mildew growth.

Other Steps

1. Gentle Cycle for Canvas Bags

For skip hop diaper bags that are made of canvas, you can opt to machine wash them using a gentle cycle.

Fit a couple of towels inside the bag before washing so that it doesn’t get completely overwhelmed by the machine.

The towels work to add more weight to the bag.

In this way, it doesn’t cling to the side of the machine the entire time.

2. Turn Denim Bags Inside out

Before washing skip hop bags made of denim, make sure to turn them inside out.

In most cases, you can’t really use machines when washing diaper bags unless indicated by the manufacturer.

Safe Cleaning Products for Diaper Bags

Prior to choosing a detergent or disinfectant for your bag, you should first check out its material.

Some detergents can be tough on delicate fabrics, which is why you need to take extra care.

If you have absolutely no clue what kind of product to use, contact the bag’s manufacturers or visit their site for answers.

A manufacturer will sometimes indicate if cold or warm water should be used to clean a particular material.

How to Keep Your Diaper Bag from Getting Dirty Too Quickly

We don’t really recommend washing your skip hop bag every day, as this could ruin your bag completely.

To avoid washing your bag too often, you have to keep it as clean as possible.

This means keeping it away from areas where it could get stains or dirt.

Furthermore, if you notice any dirt or stains, make sure to clean them off before they become permanent.

If you’re planning to place products that can spill in the bag, place them inside a plastic Ziploc first.

Finally, you’ll want to steer your bag clear of toddlers who keep wanting to touch it.

Final Thoughts

When you learn how to clean skip hop diaper bags properly, then the process shouldn’t be difficult at all.

All you need to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning a specific diaper bag and only machine wash when given the green light.

You would also only want to use detergents and disinfectants when you’re sure that the fabric of the bag can withstand them.

When you take care of your skip hop bag regularly, you increase both its durability and functionality.

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