Crystal Vision Security Camera Review

Crystal Vision Security Camera Review

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Quick Overview






  • Great camera quality
  • LCD in NVR
  • Easy to install and use
  • Simple and efficient app
  • Good camera distance


  • NVR software needs an upgrade
  • Pricey
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Security cameras are a vital part of modern life and are present in homes, office buildings, malls, parking lots, and virtually every other place.

Advanced security cameras use the Internet or some other wireless network to transmit audio-visual signals from the camera to a receiver connected to your recording device.

Such cameras save captured footages on a computer or cloud storage for future retrieval.

This is one of the most comprehensive Crystal Vision Security Camera reviews, which intend to help buyers make an informed decision when shopping for a security camera system.

Crystal Vision Security Camera Reviews

A security surveillance system is a visual assessment and documentation device.

It helps record visual information about things that are happening or have already taken place.

It equally serves as a deterrent against unwanted activities.

Security cameras come in two basic types: digital and analog.

The digital system is now widely used and consists of three main parts: the camera, digital signal carrier, and the recording software.

The Crystal Vision Security Camera is a standalone surveillance system that incorporates the three parts of a digital security camera.

It is one of the many products manufactured by Crystal Vision Technology, with its headquarters located in California, USA.

It's a plug and play system that's easy to install and provides high-resolution videos and images.

The Crystal Vision Security Camera is, without a doubt, one of the top brands in the USA.

Besides, it comes with a one-year warranty for USA customers.

More so, it's a wireless system that supports remote viewing of both images and videos directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Who Is This Security Camera System For?

A security camera in your home or on other property you own is essential.

It promptly alerts you to suspicious activities like burglary, theft, and other crimes that shouldn't be happening on your property.

Property Owners

The camera is for property owners who'd like to keep an eye on activities in their home or business while they're away.

Knowledge of the activities in your home or business gives a sense of safety, relief, and peace.

Kids love to run around and can get into tricky situations; this security camera system lets you or any adult know what the kids are up to, always.

Pet owners can also watch out for their pets in their absence using the security camera system.

No homeowner wants would-be burglars and home invaders getting into their home. This camera makes the job easy for you.


Business managers could also use this security camera to prevent theft or observe staff performance.

Conflict among workers becomes easily resolvable using this camera system since its footage is useful for determining the cause of disputes.

Also, footage from the camera can provide useful evidence for law enforcement

The activities of vandals and criminals can be investigated and even prevented by law enforcement or private citizens using this camera system.


The Crystal Vision Security system is also useful for scholars and academics who use security camera footage as part of their research.

What's in the Box?

Upon purchase, you'll receive the following:

  • NVR system
  • System power adapter
  • Four bullet cameras
  • Four camera power adapters
  • Four power extension cables
  • USB mouse
  • Ethernet cable
  • Mounting screws
  • Documentation

Overview of the Features

Here's what this camera system can offer:

  • Design

This security system comes with four weatherproof, high-performance, true HD bullet cameras.

It has a 1080p NVR (Network Video Recorder) system integrated with a 10.1" LCD monitor and router that can wirelessly support the four cameras.

The camera is IP66 weatherproof rated and allows for day or night use in extreme weather conditions.

Since it's a wireless camera, it comes with bigger antennas that increase signal strength.

The security system has a plug and play design and has auto pair technology; you'll need to power on the system and cameras using the provided power adapter.

  • Extended Range

Three array infrareds known as Super LEDs will record up to 80 feet clear night vision.

Each array IR is equivalent to a small 24 LED night vision.

  • Sensors

The Passive Infrared (PIR) and Infrared (IR) motion detection sensors that come with Crystal Vision Security cameras mean there's a very slim chance of false alarms due to heavy rain or falling leaves.

  • Camera

The camera's design is for a daytime vision of up to 350 feet of open space.

Notwithstanding, it's advisable to eliminate 40 to 50 feet of each wall it has to go through.

It comes with four 1.3-megapixel HD cameras that capture detailed footages and provide clear images.

These cameras also have long-distance night vision up to 80 feet.

The digital zoom feature lets you enlarge images to give a better and more detailed view.

  • NVR Software

The Crystal Vision Security Camera's Airbridge feature lets users boost the connection distance when the camera distance is too far for direct connection to the NVR.

The NVR (Network Video Recorder) software that comes with this system is somewhat outdated and could use an upgrade, though.

Nonetheless, the accessible mobile view and playback mean you can keep your property secure at all times, no matter where you are.

  • Built-In Audio

This security camera's built-in speaker and microphone let you talk to family and friends freely.

You can also use it to ask intruders to leave your premises whenever you observe strange movements around your property.

  • Mobile App

The mobile app is easy to download and use, just scan the QR code on the screen or input the cloud ID.

The security system app pushes notifications to your mobile device whenever its sensors detect motion, enabling you to keep your property safe even if you're not around.

The app is also easily navigable, and changing settings are very straightforward.

Likewise, the specially designed menus encourage quick video referencing and are seamless to use.

There's also a dedicated WiFi module for a safe and reliable connection, with a power extension for easy installation.

  • Ease of Use

This surveillance system is easy to install and does not require the use of video cables.

  • Memory Capacity

The preinstalled Seagate Skyhawk 2TB hard drive allows for 24-hour live surveillance recording for up to 90 days.

How to Use the Crystal Vision Security Camera

One reason for the popularity of wireless security cameras is their ease of installation and use.

Documentation in the box contains details and information on how to use the Crystal Vision Security Camera System.

That said, to stay true to being one of the most detailed Crystal Vision Security Camera reviews, here is a link that provides detailed instructions on how to install both wired and wireless security cameras.

There's also a community there, willing to help with any technical issues you might have with your unit.

Also, you can access this YouTube video for instructions on how to install and use the Crystal Vision Security Camera System.



Security is crucial, and installing a security camera goes a long way in keeping your property safe.

Setting up a security system has become quite an easy and straightforward affair.

There are many competitively-priced top-quality security cameras on the market today than at any other time, and buyers have a glut of options to choose from depending on personal preferences.

Video quality, durability, easy access to video feeds, and value for money are some of the qualities buyers look out for when shopping for a security camera system.

The Crystal Vision surveillance system is one of the best security camera systems, but its relatively high price might be a concern for buyers.

Cromorc Home Business Surveillance Kit

If you're looking to save some money on a security camera system with similar features, then you might want to consider the Cromorc Home Business Surveillance Kit.

It's markedly cheaper than the Crystal Vision Security Cameras with similar features, but it comes with a smaller hard drive (1TB).

Hiseeu Expandable Wireless Security Camera System

The Hiseeu Expandable Wireless Security Camera System is a slightly cheaper alternative to the Crystal Vision security camera.

However, the cameras have a lower night vision range than those of the Crystal Vision Security System.


Security cameras have evolved to become wireless, largely eliminating the clutter of wires that accompanied older models.

The need for a bank of screens or large hard drives to store videos has also reduced substantially.

Newer security cameras use the Internet or some other wireless network to transmit video and audio signals from the camera to a receiver connected to your recording device.

Not too long ago, security cameras were the preserve of the financially well off; very few people could afford to get security cameras for their property, and security cameras were complicated equipment and would drill holes in most wallets.

Rapid advances in technology mean that security cameras are now affordable, easy-to-install, and within reach for most property owners.

We advise buyers to always obtain accurate information about products before making an order.

There are several security camera choices available in the market, with several security features to keep your property safe.

The Crystal Vision Security Camera System, with its excellent camera quality and easy-to-use app, makes it a great option.

Similar to most Crystal Vision Security Camera reviews, our verdict is, if you desire security and peace of mind and don't mind spending a little more to get a high-performance security system, you should go for this model.

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