can i use my own car seat with uber

Can I Use My Own Car Seat With Uber: Things to Keep in Mind

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In the period since it first made waves, Uber has completely transformed the world of transportation. 

Commuters no longer need to get soaked in the rain while hailing a taxi, and city dwellers no longer have to wait all day to get a ride. 

These days, you can now live a car-free lifestyle while still experiencing the convenience of owning one, sometimes even more.

With ride-sharing becoming an option and language no longer being a barrier, travelers from all over the world can now get around in all the best ways. 

Tens of millions of drivers across all continents have allowed Uber to take the world by storm.

If you’re a parent to a young child, you’ll naturally want to know how Uber approaches traveling with car-seat aged children. 

If you’re asking yourself: "Can I use my own car seat with Uber?", read on to get the full lowdown.

Uber and Kids

The answer, fellow parents, is, “Yes, your kids can also use Uber.” 

The great thing about Uber is that it cultivates a company culture of child-friendliness.

Their drivers are more patient and are always considerate of the passenger’s situation. 

Again, it has something to do with company's system, which also allows the customer to write a review about their experience.

To emphasize the child-friendliness of Uber, the company gives passengers the option to select the size of the car that meets their needs and preferences. 

There’s UberX if you’re bringing only one child and Uber XL if you’re traveling with a bunch of kids and your luggage.

Uber has proven itself to be better than taxis when it comes to traveling with kids. 

It’s family-friendly and has drivers who even offer to put on some child-friendly music.

Some drivers also keep bottles of water and some candies in handy for their child passengers. 

You won’t get this from regular taxis, that’s for sure.

Uber and Car Seats

While Uber doesn’t necessarily require child passengers to be in car seats, it does require drivers to adhere to state laws. 

Uber drivers can refuse to give families a ride if they have no way to safely restrain their child since this can impact their safety and liability. 

If a driver refuses to give you and your baby a ride because you weren’t able to bring a car seat, then he or she is well within their rights, and this is really something you should be happy about.

When your children are at an age where they require car seats before they can travel in a car, it’s essential to always bring one with you when traveling with them. 

A simple internet search is all it takes to learn about the car seat laws Uber is subject to.

There are regions where they treat Uber like a taxi and, therefore, isn’t required to follow safety rules for passengers. 

Other areas where Ubers are more like privately-owned vehicles, though, are subject to laws governing private car owners. 

Some cities haven’t even gotten to addressing ride-sharing services with children.

Due to these inconsistencies, parents sometimes need to take matters into their own hands. 

Well, that, and the laws of science clearly trump the laws of humanity. 

Whether it’s a short- or a long-distance ride, if your child is of car-seat age, then make sure to bring along a car seat.

Can I Use My Own Car Seat With Uber?

You’ll be happy to know that the answer is “Yes.", and fortunately, a dizzying array of car seats, from light car seats to foldable options are available on the market. 

Children who are at an age when they absolutely must be in car seats need these products to be safe and comfortable on the road or during a flight. 

There are even car seats for infants in case you need to take your little one in an Uber ride.

Installing the Car Seat

Uber is very considerate of the needs of its passengers, including the time and effort needed for car seat installations. 

can i use my own car seat with uber

Car seats can take time to install since you want to make sure it has a secure fit.

  • By the Driver

Drivers who know how to install car seats will be happy to lend you a hand in achieving the most secure fit, which provides the utmost safety for your little one.

Whether drivers do this out of the goodness of their heart or for great reviews after the ride shouldn’t matter too much. 

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that they implement proper measures to keep your child safe.

  • By the Parent

When installing your kid’s car seat, make sure to keep the vehicle door open just in case the Uber driver doesn’t know what car seat installation entails and suddenly drives off.

You won’t necessarily have the same luck with taxi drivers when it comes to car seat installation. 

Also, don’t count on taxi drivers to wait or be patient with you unless they’re genuinely interested in helping out.

Uber drivers can sometimes have their seats positioned all the way back, which could make it difficult for you to install several car seats. 

In cases like this, don’t hesitate to request the driver to move his or her seat forward so that you can set up properly. 

Setting up car seats for multiple kids can be difficult and stressful, so it certainly helps that you have enough legroom to work with.


You can do car seat installation in several ways. Make sure to acquaint yourself with all these methods so that you can find the one that works best. 

The “latch”, for instance, is one of the most convenient methods out there, but it might not be applicable for all seating positions.

It would help if you also get used to installing a car seat with your seat belt on. 

As parents, it’s important to prepare for any situation involving our kids and their car seats.

The Uber Car Seat

Yes, Uber does provide a car seat service in case you don’t have a car seat with you. 

You can get the UberX car seat, otherwise known as the Uber Family, which provides a car seat facing forward for children who are two years old and above. 

The driver does the installation, and all you need to do is strap in your child.

Another service you can take advantage of is the Uber Car Seat program, which offers a premium-quality car seat that fits children 31 to 52 inches in height and 22 to 48 pounds in weight. 

For kids who are too small, parents should bring an infant car seat. 

If your child has outgrown the car seat, then you’ll need to bring a booster seat.

Remember that each Uber only has a single car seat available, and not all drivers have one prepared. 

For this reason, the waiting time for Ubers with car seats can be quite long. 

If you’re in a rush, then it’s worth considering some of the other public transportation options.

Requesting a Car Seat on Uber

Arranging for your Uber to bring a car seat isn’t any different from requesting for a regular ride. 

Just open the app, type in the destination, and go over all the different types of rides available. 

You should be able to come across a few options that offer car seats, in which case, you shouldn’t waste any time making your request.

Are Uber Car Seats Safe

Uber has a considerable reputation in the world of transportation because of the people behind it who run a very tight ship. 

This company holds rigorous screening tests for their driver applicants under the Uber Family program, making sure candidates know how to install car seats properly. 

Furthermore, Uber also makes sure that car seats are regularly maintained and replaced when no longer safe or functional.

Uber takes extra measures to ensure car seats are one hundred percent safe for their child passengers. 

In some areas, drivers take photos of their car seats and send them to the passenger for approval. 

In that way, if the passengers don’t deem the seats safe enough, they can look for another Uber ride with a better, higher-quality car seat or explore other public transport options.

Final Thoughts

Can I use my own car seat with Uber? Yes, you absolutely can. 

In fact, we recommend you keep one in handy when taking an Uber ride with your child since it offers you more control over the situation.

Uber may provide car seat services in some regions, but there’s still a chance that your child won’t fit in the one they’re offering. 

Not all drivers offer car seats, and waiting for one to be available may take too long.

Your safest bet is always to bring a car seat of your own. 

A car seat that your child loves and fits securely in is one that you should install in your Uber. 

This way, you’ll know your little one is safe and comfortable, and you’ll be able to afford yourself some peace of mind.

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