Best Diaper Bags for Dads

Best Diaper Bags for Dads in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Even in this day and age, as a dad, not everyone is going to expect you to be able to step up and handle baby care duties as well as their mother or other members of the family do.

You, however, know the importance of being involved and efficient as a baby’s new parent.

From carrying your little one around when they won’t stay asleep to taking them out while you run errands to give the rest of the family a bit of a break, you’re willing and ready to step up to the plate.

The best diaper bags for dads can make doing just that easier than ever before.

Many diaper bags aren’t designed with a dad in mind, so we’ve put together this list of the best options for dads.

With the right bag to assist you while you are out and about with your baby, you’ll be prepared for any situation that they might throw at you.

Babies are unpredictable, so dads like you need to be prepared for anything and everything!

Best Diaper Bags for Dads Comparison Chart

LEQUEEN Diaper Bag Multi-Function Backpack

Cosyland Diaper Bag Backpack With USB Charge

BabbleRoo Baby Diaper Backpack

HaloVa Waterproof Diaper Bag

Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack

Best Diaper Bags for Dads Reviews

1. LEQUEEN Diaper Bag Multi-Function Backpack

The LEQUEEN Diaper Bag Multi-Function Backpack is an affordable and stylish diaper bag that can be used in many different ways.


As a parent who’s planning on taking his child along for a day around town, you know that anything can happen.

For this reason, you would want to be extra prepared, and getting a multi-function backpack is the first step to being one.

  • Materials

The first thing to note about this convertible diaper bag is that it has a great level of quality in both materials and construction.

This affordable multi-function backpack from LEQUEEN is made from high-quality polyester material that is very soft, durable, and also tear-resistant.

Even as you use this diaper bag again and again, signs of wear won’t be obvious thanks to the high level of durability.

The bag is also waterproof on both the outside and the inside lining, so you know that it will be safe no matter what might happen while you are using it.

  • Pockets And More

Another great thing about this bag is the variety of pockets, compartments, and hooks that it has.

The bag has lots of pockets, including an insulated pocket, main compartment, side pockets, and more.

All of this assigned space makes it easy to set up a spot for each item that you like to keep in the diaper bag so that you can easily find it when you are in a hurry or simply stressed.

The addition of an insulated pocket, in particular, is a great feature for putting anything you might want to keep in a temperature-controlled environment.

  • Unisex Design

This bag has a completely unisex design in everything from the style to the color and the straps.

Sometimes, moms like to have a bag that they can carry like a purse while dads wouldn’t like to use that as much if they could avoid it.

This bag can be converted from a backpack to a handbag or even be set up so that it can hang off of a stroller; no matter how you want to use it, you can!

This versatility is great for making this a bag that both moms and dads can use, so you won’t need to repack a bag between trips and can simply hand this one off as needed.


  • Durable material with extra plastic protection on the bottom
  • Comfortable to use
  • Great color options
  • Spacious and can hold a lot of stuff


  • Needs to be unzipped entirely to fit some items
  • Can be hard to unzip with one hand

2. Cosyland Diaper Bag Backpack With USB Charge

The next bag that’s great for dads is another backpack option that comes with the added bonus of a portable charging station.

 Let’s look at the Cosyland Diaper Bag Backpack With USB Charger.


The Cosyland Diaper Bag Backpack With USB Charger is a very uniquely designed backpack convertible bag that is sure to be loved by dads everywhere.

  • Large, Organized Compartments

This bag will be able to hold absolutely everything that you are worried you’ll need for kids, everything that you need, as well as everything that your wife insists you bring along in case something last minute comes up.

This Cosyland bag also has 14 different compartments, and having a large number of separate compartments is key for good organization.

  • Strong, Comfortable Straps

Getting used to carrying around a diaper bag can be trying for even the most determined dads, so it is a good thing that this bag has reinforced straps that are long and adjustable.

The straps can be up to 38 inches long, so it is possible to get it all set up so that you will be as comfortable as possible while using the bag.

  • Bottle-Specific Pockets

One of the coolest things about this bag for dads is that there is a thick feeding bottle pocket in which you can put a bottle in to be kept either warm or cold.

This is great for when you or your wife wants to get the bottle ready before you leave, and then you can just simply use it when you are ready to do so.


  • Convertible
  • Large capacity bag
  • USB charging interface
  • Specific towel and bottle pockets


  • Durability issues with the metal logo
  • Hard to use one-handed

3. BabbleRoo Baby Diaper Backpack

The BabbleRoo Baby Diaper Backpack is another great backpack option that is more than suitable for dads and can help you to easily adjust to your role as a caregiver when needed.


The BabbleRoo Baby Diaper Backpack is a spacious backpack that includes so many features to help dads like you get everything done in a clean, efficient, and comfortable way.

  • Included Mat

One of the coolest things about this particular diaper bag is that it includes a mat that can be folded up into the back and then unfolded to create a clean space for changing your baby’s diaper as needed.

  • Easy-to-Use Compartments

This bag is also outfitted with a huge variety of compartments and insulated pockets.

It has two main compartments as well as five insulated pockets, a pocket for wipes, a loop for your keys, all in addition to the changing pad mentioned above.

  • Easy-Glide Zippers

The pockets all have easy-glide zippers that are relatively easy to open with one hand.


  • Cushioned shoulder straps
  • Easy to adjust straps
  • Can be used one-handed
  • Stands up on its own


  • Bottle holders might be too small for some bottles
  • Not large enough to be a true weekender bag

4. HaloVa Waterproof Diaper Bag

The HaloVa Waterproof Diaper Bag is another affordable option that combines durability and convertibility.


Among the most important features to look for in a diaper bag is how it is easy to use.

Thankfully, this is exactly what this diaper bag from HaloVa offers.

  • Great Compartmentalization

The HaloVa Waterproof Diaper Bag has great compartments built into it, and those compartments are all laid out in very useful, logical ways so that you can use the bag to its full potential.

The back zipper allows you to gain access to the big pocket easily without needing to move too much, and there is even a specific pocket for wet items.

  • Design Appeal

One of the most appealing parts of this bag is its attractive design that will make all dads look pulled together even when they’re feeling stressed.

Plus, the design of the bag is comfortable (including the straps), which makes the bag practical and easy to use.


  • Easy access pockets for things like tissues
  • Keeps shape
  • Insulated pocket
  • Doesn’t look bulky
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Doesn’t contain stroller hooks
  • Some 8oz bottles won’t fit well

5. Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack

The Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack is a great mid-range option for dads that want a large-capacity bag with an elegant design.


This diaper backpack has got a look that appeals to most dads’ taste.

It has simple, masculine lines that will feel comfortable to carry in a stylistic sense, as well.

  • Padded Straps

The Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack is well suited for a dad to use thanks to its wide, padded shoulder straps that make it very comfortable to use.

  • Large Capacity, Balanced Weight

This is a large capacity bag that can hold much more than what other diaper bags can.

It can do that while still staying well-balanced and centered on your back.

The bag can hold a lot, but it isn’t too bulky.

  • Plenty of Compartments

It’s a 25L backpack, so it holds a good amount of things.

More than that, the bag’s space is divided into a number of compartments and pockets so that you can still stay organized.


  • Includes stroller clips
  • Useful designated pockets for diapers, tissues, water bottle
  • Spacious inside
  • Practical layout
  • Easy to use


  • Potential durability issues
  • No separate compartment for changing pad


It’s time for the dads of the world to take note of the best diaper bags for dads.

With these, no longer do you have to carry around what looks like your wife’s bag when you’re spending quality times with your kids.

Plus, getting to choose your own diaper bag is a great idea because you can select one that suits what you like to carry around and prefer to use.

At this time, the LEQUEEN Diaper Bag Multi-Function Backpack stands out as the best bag because of its comfortable design and great durability.

The BabbleRoo Baby Diaper Backpack is also a great diaper bag because it includes a changing pad that can be easily folded out for use, and this is very practical.

 Each of these diaper bag backpacks for dads is a great choice; the key is to find which one suits your particular style and needs.

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