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Best Diaper Bag for Twins of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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When you start searching for the best diaper bag for twins, you're going to need plenty of organized space to put to good use.

As a parent, you'll need more than enough room for your essentials and essentials for your two children, regardless of where you're traveling to.

We've found some of the best and easiest diaper bags that are functional but also look fantastic while worn, so you can feel comfortable and prepared for any situation when you're away from home.

Comparison Chart

PacaPod Mirano Designer Diaper Bag

ALLCAMP Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

RUVALINO Multifunction Maternity Bag

Harmony Life Land Diaper Bag

Best Diaper Bag for Twins: A Review

1. PacaPod Mirano Baby Diaper Bag

The PacaPod Mirano Baby Diaper Bag is a fabulous option for a parent who wants to look stylish with an easy-to-use tote that you'll love carrying with you.

This bag features an assortment of high-quality features to protect your belongings while allowing you to stay organized among the dozens of items you likely need to bring with you.

There are even a few additional surprises you'll love to take advantage of whenever you're out with your babies.

Product Highlights

The PacaPod Mirano Baby Diaper Bag offers an ounce of luxury that every parent deserves.

It is highly spacious but maintains a sleek and stylish appeal, similar to a travel tote.

The bag's exterior is made from a cotton matte coated canvas that you can easily wipe clean without the worry of making the color fade. It also features beautiful pebble leather trims as decorative accents.

There are multiple "parent" pockets in this bag that you can use for your personal belongings, such as your car keys, your smartphone, or anything else you would typically keep in your pockets or purse.

Parents will love the built-in feeder pod, which is fully insulated and gives you enough room to hold up to four bottles at a time.

Better yet, since this section is insulated, any food you store will remain warm for up to three hours, so your twins will never have to worry about drinking room temperature milk.

With the help of the three-in-one organizing system, the PacaPod Mirano Baby Diaper Bag has a feeder pod, changing pod, and functional clips that you can use to attach the bag to your stroller.

In terms of the changing pod, you'll find an easy-to-stow changing mat with plenty of useful pockets for the essential items you need while changing your babies.

You'll find it is far simpler to access the things that you need while quickly changing two babies with the help of this bag.

What to Like About It

Everything used to manufacture this diaper bag is of the highest quality, allowing it to maintain its original condition over years of use, especially since it doesn't stain.

You'll find that the provided organization is more than enough for the items that your babies need.

The innovative pod system allows you to bring only the essentials out for walks, runs, or quick trips to the store, instead of bringing the entire bag with you.

What Not to Like About It

The main issue you might have with the PacaPod Mirano Baby Diaper Bag is when it comes to storing your belongings, as it appears to be missing some essential compartments for parents' things, such as wallets.

Getting the pods back into the diaper bag is also a little more complicated than expected, which can be frustrating to handle while you're on-the-go.


  • High-quality materials
  • Convenient organization
  • Innovative pod system
  • Doesn’t stain


  • Hard-to-reassemble pods
  • Lacking essential compartments

2. ALLCAMP Diaper Bag Backpack

The ALLCAMP Diaper Bag Backpack is a slightly more substantial alternative to some of the other bags on this list, making it a fantastic choice for parents who want a diaper bag that will fit comfortably on their stroller with plenty of space.

Its modern aesthetic will complement any family's taste, and it's a highly convertible design that you can carry in multiple ways.

Fortunately, although it's slightly bulky, it has plenty of comfortable features so you can carry everything you need for your twins without suffering from back pain after the first five minutes.

Product Highlights

The ALLCAMP Diaper Bag Backpack is convertible, which means you can wear it as a traditional crossbody, a tote that you carry over the shoulder, or a backpack, depending on your preferences.

The 95% nylon fiber construction is waterproof, allowing you not to worry about your belongings getting damaged if caught in the rain or at a waterpark.

You'll also like the built-in changing pad and stroller straps, helping to make the bag even more functional for everyday use.

With padded shoulder straps, you'll find that the bag's weight is evenly dispersed for your comfort compared to other lesser quality bags with limited padding.

Also, depending on what you have stored in the compartments, you can quickly slim down the bag's profile so that it's less bulky.

One of our favorite features is the smart pocket, which allows you to store your cellphone and expensive items without the risk of them getting damaged.

The internal organization is something to make a note of. There are four gusseted pockets, two exterior pockets, three insulated pockets for bottles, three zippered pockets, a quick-reach pocket, and a mommy or daddy pocket for your needs.

Not to mention, there is also a large interior compartment for storing more significant essentials.

When it comes time to clean the bag, you can wipe it down with ease, wash it in the washing machine, and air dry the bag as well.

What to Like About It

With the combination of magnetic and zipper compartments, you'll find the bag is incredibly easy to access, even with one hand and in an emergency.

Inside, there is plenty of space for essentials, allowing you to bring everything your twins need without thinking about a second bag.

Also, the straps are quite comfortable to wear for hours, especially compared to other diaper bags.

What Not to Like About It

The ALLCAMP Diaper Bag Backpack can quickly become cumbersome, especially with twins, as it is easy to overpack, which can cause the bag to get far too heavy for some parents.

You might also find a few of the pockets are too small to prove to be useful, which is quite the inconvenience for parents who like to keep all of their items organized.


  • Magnetic and zipper compartments
  • Easy to access
  • Plenty of space for essentials
  • Comfortable


  • Can be cumbersome
  • Some pockets are too small
  • Can get very heavy

3. Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

Much like its name suggests, the Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag is designed for absolutely anything for parents who want to be prepared.

With an assortment of fashion-forward designs, you'll quickly find a bag that will look phenomenal when paired with your stroller.

Many exciting features speak to the high-quality design of this item, especially if you're on the hunt for a diaper bag set to last over years of use.

Product Highlights

As with most diaper bags, there is a changing pad included with this model, but what makes it unique is it's fully padded with memory foam, so your babies will always feel comfortable getting changed away from home.

There is also an innovative picture pocket that you can use for storing an assortment of items, such as photos of your babies, to show to your friends and family members.

Parents will especially love the parents' pocket, which is very easy to access, similar to the other compartments in the back.

On the outside of the diaper bag, there are two insulated bottle pockets designed with Thinsulate by 3M, which can help to keep your bottles warm or cold for multiple hours.

You'll love how they can be tucked away without adding too much bulk to the bag's sides.

Also, there are color-coded tabs for the compartments so that you can remember which pockets contain certain items for each of your children.

Thanks to the Teflon fabric protector, the Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag easily repels stains, and if you find you need to wash the bag, you can easily throw it into the washing machine and allow it to air dry.

What to Like About It

The Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag is fantastic because it will prove to be useful for babies, and as your twins grow older.

As there is plenty of space for all of your family's essentials, you'll especially love using it for overnight stays and long-distance trips, such as air travel.

What Not to Like About It

You can guarantee this bag isn't what you're looking for if you want a small and straightforward diaper bag for a quick run to the grocery store because it's so cumbersome.

You might also find the arm straps are relatively short, which can make it challenging to carry for extended periods.


  • Great for all ages
  • Useful for overnight stays
  • Plenty of storage


  • Arm straps are short
  • Too large for quick trips

4. RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack

Perfect for parents who want an effortless style to their diaper bag, the RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack is an excellent choice for a more comfortable and laid back appeal than other models on the market.

Similar to the other bags we've explored, there are several color variations for you to choose from, but each bag resembles an everyday backpack that you can bring with you while commuting, shopping, or visiting friends and family.

Product Highlights

The first thing you're bound to notice about this diaper bag is how casual it is, which makes it the perfect option for parents who have never liked the traditional style of diaper bags.

Even though it has a more laid-back aesthetic, it doesn't lack essential features that you will want to use, such as a built-in changing pad.

You'll find two large zipper compartments and 16 pockets in total, allowing you to keep all of your essentials perfectly organized.

Parents will love the insulated pockets which allow you to manage the temperature of your bottles as well as the parents' pocket where you can store your keys, wallet, and smartphone.

The extra-wide opening of the main compartment is perfect for having easy access to your essentials, and there are dual zippers that glide effortlessly so that you can open the back with one hand.

When it comes to carrying the diaper bag, the back has a specialized ergonomic design with thick padded shoulder straps to prevent backaches and fatigue.

The fabric covering the outside of the RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack is entirely waterproof and is tear-resistant with high-quality non-fraying stitching and superior zippers.

Even the bag's seams are reinforced along with the handle and shoulder straps, so you won't have to worry about the bag ripping.

Overall, it's a unique unisex option for an easy-to-use diaper bag backpack for parents of any age.

What to Like About It

This diaper bag is a fantastic option for parents who want a significant but not bulky design that is still incredibly comfortable to carry for multiple hours.

The high-quality exterior materials will last several years, and you'll love being able to put the perfectly sized pockets to good use throughout the day.

Also, it's essential to mention that all of the pockets are easy to access, even with one hand.

What Not to Like About It

The main problem with this diaper bag is its inner lining, which could be too thin to withstand a lot of wear and tear over the years.

Also, if you overpack the back, the zippers are likely to fail, which can render the bag useless, leading us to believe there could be too much storage in the bag for some families.

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  • Very comfortable
  • Big but not bulky
  • Strong material
  • Perfectly sized pockets
  • Easy-access side pockets


  • Poor quality inner lining
  • Overpacking leads to zipper failure
  • Could have too much storage

5. Harmony Life Land Backpack Diaper Bag

As another gender-neutral diaper bag that both mom and dad will love to wear every day, the Harmony Life Land Backpack Diaper Bag is an appealing option with a super large capacity.

Whether you have twins or one child, there is more than enough storage in the multi-functional pockets for you to use.

You'll also find it has many of the same features as some of the highest quality diaper bags on the market.

Product Highlights

The build quality of this bag is quite notable since you'll love the strength of the material as well as the leather accents and the neutral color scheme, especially since there are over eight different colors to choose from to meet your style.

The bag has plenty of interior space that allows you to hold an assortment of items, including a laptop, baby necessities, and other personal details you might need daily.

As added conveniences, there is a built-in changing pad as well as stroller straps, which allow you to store the diaper bag on your stroller, so you don't have to carry it all day.

Shoulder straps are essential for any backpack diaper bag, and this model features padded ones that are thick but still breathable so you can comfortably carry the bag in warmer weather.

Some other great features are the multi-functional pockets, which combine an assortment of conveniences.

Within the bag, you'll find waterproof pockets, insulated bottle holders, an anti-theft phone pocket, umbrella pockets, mesh pockets, and more for 15 pockets.

What to Like About It

You'll find this diaper bag is quite useful, especially when it comes to the roomy interior and the side pockets that are easy to access in a hurry.

The material on the outside of the bag is also quite notable, as it feels high-quality.

If you're the type of family that loves to travel, this backpack will become quite useful since it's large enough without being overbearing and still has plenty of internal organization.

What Not to Like About It

The most significant issue with the Harmony Life Land Backpack Diaper Bag is that its zippers are tough to use and are likely to fail after a few uses.

Also, even though the bag is available in lighter colors, it attracts dirt, dust, and hair, making it tough to keep clean, especially if you have pets in your house.


  • Useful side pockets
  • Durable exterior
  • Very roomy
  • Great for travel


  • Poor quality zippers
  • Gets dirty easily

Buyer's Guide

Diaper bags need to have an assortment of features to be useful; otherwise, you'll find yourself relying on a regular backpack or weekender bag to carry all of your twins' belongings.

Whether you're heading out for a day trip in the city or running to the grocery store, making sure your desired diaper bag has all of these features in this buyer's guide is essential.

1. Material

The material of your diaper bag is one of the most important things to consider because you'll want something high quality without adding substantial weight to the bag.

Ideally, you'll need a waterproof material or a waterproof coating applied to the exterior as well as a material that is difficult to stain and easy to wash.

Nylon and polyester are two of the most popular options for diaper bags since they are relatively tear-resistant, waterproof, and lightweight.

You will also want to pay close attention to the care instructions because you'll want a diaper bag that you can put in the washing machine instead of having to hand wash every crevice regularly.

2. Storage

Storage is another imperative factor that can make or break your decision to buy a diaper bag, especially if you have twins.

You would need plenty of space to put all of your essentials and keep them organized.

You'll first want to consider the things you typically bring with you on an average day out and make sure there are enough compartments for food, wipes, diapers, extra clothes, and more, not to mention your essentials as a parent.

However, you also won't want to choose a diaper bag that is too large; otherwise, you're at risk for overfilling it and carrying around things you don't need.

Your available storage should have a combination of zippered and free compartments, as well as insulated pockets to keep food warm or cold, as well as mesh pockets that are highly breathable and flexible.

Many parents also suggest an even distribution of pockets on the bag can make it even more versatile for everyday use.

3. Insulation

Insulation is crucial in regards to making sure your children have bottles at the perfect temperature throughout the day.

It's also a fantastic way to keep their food separate from the other items in your bag, which is why most manufacturers have different insulated pockets or pouches for bottles.

Instead of worrying about finding a place to warm up your baby's bottles, you can prepare them at home and rest assured they'll be kept at the perfect temperature throughout the day.

4. Padding

Even if your diaper bag is the most attractive design in the world, you'll never use it if it's uncomfortable to wear, which is why we highly recommend searching for a bag that has ergonomic features.

It's far too easy for your back to get fatigued after a few hours of wearing a bulky diaper bag, so you will want to make sure the back, bottom, and shoulder straps of your diaper bag have padding.

Also, ensure the padding is lightweight and breathable; otherwise, you'll be more likely to sweat buckets during the summer.

5. Accessories

You'll find that the accessories that come with a prospective diaper bag can be just as useful as any of the other features we've discussed this far, such as changing pads, keyrings, or even individual pockets for valuables.

The best diaper bags will have an easy-to-use and comfortable changing pad that enables you to change diapers anywhere without your babies feeling uncomfortable.

Also, the addition of a keyring allows you to keep your car keys within easy access, so you don't have to rummage through the main compartment to find what you're looking for.

Above all else, it's a great idea to find a diaper bag with individual pockets, such as a pocket for valuables, to ensure your smartphone and other gadgets are protected while traveling.


1. Do You Need Two Diaper Bags for Twins?

Some parents might believe that two diaper bags are necessary for twins, but if you can find the correctly sized product, you can get away with just one.

It's important to remember that although your babies are two separate entities, there are many products that they will share so that you won't need a full backpack's worth of items for each baby.

However, if you find a single diaper bag isn't giving you enough space, there's no reason as to why mom and dad can't both have one to put to good use.

2. How Do You Pack a Diaper Bag for Twins?

Packing a diaper bag for twins is simple, especially since it's like packing a bag for one baby but doubling some of the items.

For example, if you would need one change of clothes, for twins, you will need two, same with snacks, bottles, diapers, and more.

Your best bet is to make a packing list of essentials and then lay all of the items out in front of you before organizing them in the bag.

As you pack the diaper bag, you might realize that you have overpacked or under packed some essentials, which gives you the ability to adjust the quantities as necessary.

3. What Do You Need for Twin Newborns?

If you want to focus on the basics, we recommend having the following in your diaper bag for twins

  • Seven to eight diapers
  • A full package of wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Four bottles
  • Two sets of spare clothing
  • Two swaddle blankets
  • Two bibs
  • Two burl clothes
  • Two pacifiers
  • Two teething toys

4. Can I Use a Tote as a Diaper Bag?

You can use any bag in your home as a diaper bag, depending on what you want to bring with you.

The main issue you'll encounter with using a regular tote is a lack of accessible storage to keep your belongings organized, which can be a hassle once you leave the house.

Diaper bags give you specific places to store bottles, diapers, clothes, and more, instead of a regular tote, which typically has a large open compartment.

If you want to try to save money on a diaper bag, you could always consider purchasing storage pods from a discount store that you can keep in your regular tote.

These pods allow you to keep all of your babies' belongings organized and separated to access what you need rather than digging through the main compartment to find the essentials.

5. How Many Newborn Diapers Do I Need for Twins?

When packing your diaper bag, we recommend having seven to eight diapers for your twins, depending on how long you intend to be away from home.

The longer your trip is, the more diapers you're going to go through, but as parents, you will know how often you need to change their diapers to keep them comfortable throughout the day.

Final Verdict

Our choice for the best diaper bag for twins is the RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack, which is a phenomenal gender-neutral backpack that will be comfortable for both mom and dad to carry for hours.

With more than enough room for items for your twins, you won't feel like you're carrying a cumbersome diaper bag for daily errands.

Also, it has a more casual appeal, which makes it perfect for travel, everyday use, or even overnight stays.

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